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Providing unrivalled service to the drinks and beverages industry

We provide glass bottles for the UK beverage industry, including full delivery within 48 hours, labelling services, and a wide range of designs, shapes, and bottle types to suit your drink, your brand, and your logistics. Founded in 1945, we are glass bottle suppliers based in Clapham, London, assisting craft brewers, wineries and established drink manufacturers with our long experience of bottle production and supply alongside priceless advice and service.

We are a third generation family business and our aim is to consistently provide our customers with top quality products and world class service.




What we do

 We deliver throughout the UK and offer both new and existing customers advice on bottle choice, labelling, closures and decoration. Offering 500 different types of bottle, and a two-day turnaround from the first order to delivery of up to 60 pallets of bottles, you can rely on us as glass bottle suppliers for your drinks and beverage business.




Our Products

Glass beer bottle

Beer and cider 

We offer 70 different beer and cider bottles to the industry, of high quality and among the lightest weight in the trade.

Green Glass Champagne bottle

Wines and Champagnes 

We stock the largest range of wine bottles for the UK market, between 100ml and 15 litres.


Clear Glass Gin bottle

Spirit bottles 

We hold a core range of bottle shapes and sizes for spirits, and can source thousands more after ordering, in all kinds of compositions.

Glass mineral water bottle with screw cap

Mineral water bottles 

If you need bottles for minerals, we stock 250ml, 330ml, 500ml, 750ml, and 1 litre available in green and white flint.



 Our services
How we can help

 Van with Map Pin Icon


Our fleet of trucks will deliver 10 to 60 pallets of bottles across the UK to your depot.

 Shrink wrap roll icon

Shrink wrapping

If you are arranging your own pickup and delivery, we provide a shrink wrap service at £7.50 per pallet.

 Spirit bottle with label icon


We have a fully automated bottle labelling line, capable of labelling up to 5000 bottles per hour.



All Services






48 hour UK deliveries

Guaranteed palletised deliveries from our huge stock.
We hold inventory of over 500 different bottle types and deliver with our own trucks.

Call 020 7622 4414 , or email aec@aechapman.com

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Boxed wine bottles

Spirit bottles filled with Whiskey and light reflections on the table

Blonde beer labelled bottles



Why A E Chapman


We are close to you

Based in Clapham, London we hold stock of over 500 different bottles, giving our customers the confidence that their bottle will be available when they need it without the added hassle of waiting for the manufacturer to produce and supply.

We deliver throughout the UK. For larger loads (anything between 10 to 60 pallets) we use our own fleet of trucks. For the smaller quantities (anything between 1 to 10 pallets) we use 2 of the UK's leading hauliers, both of whom offer next day or economy deliveries.


We have unrivalled experience

We are glass bottle suppliers with over 50 years of experience in the business. We are superbly qualified to offer both new and existing customers advice on bottle choice, labelling, closures, and decoration. We have a ‘bottle showroom' in Clapham where you can come along to feel, touch and compare your chosen bottle. Alternatively we can supply you with samples and technical drawings for every bottle we sell.

For the past 5 years we have met the standards for a Grade A Accreditation from the British Retail Consortium. This not only has health and safety benefits for our own colleagues but also gives our customers peace of mind that the audit trail is accepted by every major retailer in the UK.


 We offer all the extras

As well as bottle supply we can also provide our customers with the following:

  • Bottle washing service at up to 30,000 per day
  • Labelling machine capable of processing up to 5000 bottles per hour
  • We can re-sort, re-pack and re-wrap almost any size of pallet
  • We can supply you with caps and stock a range of cardboard cartons and inserts





Find A Bottle

Make your drink stand out from the crowd

 As glass bottle suppliers in London for 78 years and counting, we hold technical data and specifications for almost every bottle manufactured by a major supplier in Europe.

If you have a bottle in mind that meets your requirements,
call 020 7622 4414 , or email our helpful team via aec@aechapman.com.

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Hours from order to delivery of your bottles


Of the UK's leading hauliers, and international delivery at your service


Years of Grade A Accreditation by the British Retail Consortium