Spirit bottle suppliers

We hold a core range of bottle shapes and sizes for spirits, and can source thousands more after ordering, in all kinds of compositions.




Bottles in all shapes and sizes

Spirit bottles come in a phenomenal assortment of shapes and sizes, you only need to walk through the BWS department of any store to see the multitude of designs currently available. Holding stock of this number of bottles is a logistical nightmare, as a result we hold only a core range of bottles the rest we source after ordering.

Traditionally bottle colours have always been White Flint and Green however, the recent developments on bottle decoration have created an amazing new range of choice governed only by the imagination. If you need some advice on what bottle to choose or if you'd like to run your idea by an expert, give Andre a call. Guidance on size conformity inside and outside of the EU is available.




Find the bottles you are looking for

Please click on the links for the catalogues of the manufactures we work with. When you see what you like get in touch with us and we will check availability and price for you. We can obtain a quote for you (most manufacturers will only deal with wholesalers like ourselves, so we are the best possible agents for arranging supply).







 Glass bottle suppliers in UK

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