Beer And Cider Bottles

We offer 70 different beer and cider bottles to the industry, of high quality and among the lightest weight in the trade.



A E Chapman & Son Ltd have been a major supplier of glass packaging to the UK beer and cider industries for over 50 years.

We currently hold stock of around 70 different bottles varying in size from 275ml through to 750ml with colours of green, amber and flint.
The most common closure device is crown cap, but we can also supply ROPP, Twist Off, Capsule or Cork.

For those of you looking for something out of the ordinary we have links to the 4 main glass manufacturers in Europe including the top 2 in the UK, giving you unrivalled access to an extensive choice of bottles.


Glass bottle suppliers in UK


Light weight, high quality bottles

Over the past year we have been working closely with our suppliers on the development of new lightweight products and we're now delighted to announce the launch of our two new lightweight 500ml beer bottles. Produced in the UK these bottles are 15% lighter than traditional bottles and weigh in at only 300 grams. A lighter weight gives the benefit of an environmentally friendly product in terms of raw material use, and lower delivery costs, while at the same time maintaining the quality of the bottle.  

At present they are amongst the lightest available to the trade and over the coming months the range will be extended to include both a 330ml and 750ml variant.

Although both our 500ml bottles weigh only 300 grams, one has a diameter of 69mm while the other remains at the traditional 73mm. The rationale behind these two diameters is firstly, on the 69mm the desire by the high street multiples to maximise their shelf facings and secondly, the 73mm is a more traditional style which can be accommodated on many filling lines without the necessity for changing parts. We intend to have sufficient stock available to meet the forecast demand. Initially this will be in Amber and Flint however, and there will be the facility to produce in Green if there is sufficient demand.





Find the bottles you are looking for

Please click on the links for the catalogues of the manufactures we work with. When you see what you like get in touch with us and we will check availability and price for you. We can obtain a quote for you (most manufacturers will only deal with wholesalers like ourselves, so we are the best possible agents for arranging supply).







 Glass bottle suppliers in UK

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